Does the creation of mobile casinos justify itself

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Does the creation of mobile casinos justify itself

Postby doga » 01 Oct 2019, 09:36

Does the creation of mobile casinos justify itself
For several years, we have heard industry experts point out to us the high dynamics of the development of online gambling in the market of Japan and in General Asia, Europe and America, the third main direction of the development of online gambling, is to access them using a smartphone. Experts expect that after a few years, mobile devices will take over the bulk of online gamblers and mobile casinos will begin to displace from the market already familiar to all online casinos.

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Business Insider last month reported that during the current year, 22% of the world\'s population have become owners of smartphones, while in 2009, the presence of a smartphone in your pocket, could boast, only 5% of the world\'s population.

Given these figures, it is no surprise that H2 Gambling Capital\'s latest mobile gambling Report predicted profits in mobile online gambling entertainment to be in the range of € 19 billion by 2019. Given that H2 Gambling Capital\'s estimated profitability of the same market in 2012 at around € 4.5 billion, it became clear that experts expect significant growth in the mobile casino industry worldwide.

If you take the amount of money won with the help of smartphones by players on online gambling sites, it turns out that their number is only 18% of all funds won by players. Even in spite of the evidence of statistics sites, which indicate that almost 50% of visits to gambling sites are made with the help of mobile phones or tablets. Understanding people, adhere to the idea that all the fault of incorrect operation of such platforms with mobile devices, it\'s all sorts of software errors and flaws. This leads to the conclusion that the efficiency of gambling, working with mobile devices is extremely low in relation to the game through the b rauser or using the downloadable version of the online casino. They are not able to convert high traffic levels into paying customers.

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There is an opinion, and it is supported by irrefutable facts, that even in the case of absolutely correct operation of gambling sites with mobile devices, the maximum number of players who will use mobile phones to access gambling sites online casino, will not exceed 90% of the total number of potential customers. The explanation is very simple in nature, 10% of adherents of online gambling entertainment, not sufficiently savvy technically, and so it cost a lot of effort to accustom themselves to the game at the computer. They are mostly players over the age of 45.

It is worth noting that professional gamblers, almost do not play in mobile casinos and prefer to use a PC to use online games. This method of access gives them a number of advantages, such as the ability to play several games at once and track events directly or indirectly related to the game.

And yet, the mobile casino market on the Internet is very stubborn and purposeful. He treacherously makes his way into the future, threatening online casinos on flash technology. The peak of its development is projected for 2020, and of course,this phenomenon will be the first to observe the residents of China, who have the largest number of mobile phones per capita in the world. This will be accompanied by cheap mobile devices, high population density of the country, as well as a high percentage of "mobility" of residents of the state.
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