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Hi,new member

Postby Bobflem » 01 Jul 2019, 10:17

Hi new member here,thank you for accepting me on the forum.Picked up my 58reg cc3 diesel with 52,000 on the clock,collected on Thursday from Manchester and drove it back to Penzance which was a good test for it.Very impressed nice to drive very good fuel economy, was getting between 58 upto 60.1mpg.Driving was steady due to speed restrictions on M61,M6 and M5 so didn't hit speed the limit much.Went for a drive around over the weekend and still getting 55.4mpg.Plenty of power when needed,i think i timmed it right for buying looking at the weather we're having.One thing i did notice while driving was a slight slip on the clutch when on the motorway,possibly me being paranoid.When driving around town i don't notice any problem with the clutch all working as it should do,no slipping going through the gears and when booting it seems ok.It just would do it sometimes when changing up while putting foot down on the motorway.I'm not to concered but i did get a warranty with the car as i live so far from the dealer i bought it from in which any problems could be sorted locally.I've looked at the warranty but dosen't say anything about the clutch being covered or not covered,it's looks like a
grey area.
Any advice on this would be great, I just wondered if anyone had a similar problem with clutch slip or am i looking into it to much?

Thank's in advance
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